Witchy Trade

Since I started my path in practicing the craft, I have acquired many herbs, crystals, and other ritual tools over the years. Due to my current living situation along with my stage in my practice, I no longer need some of items that I've obtained. However, I can't bear to part with them by simply donating them to a secondhand store, so I decided to create my own witchy trade center to find new homes for these magickal items.

How to Trade:

Below are a list of items up for trade. If you see an item of interest, please fill out the contact form below as well as the item(s) you'd be willing to trade in exchange. If your request is approved, you will be sent a tracking number regarding the shipping details of your new goodies.


You will NOT be charged for a single cent on my end during this trade, but you will be responsible for the shipping charges of the items you are sending to me. If this is an international trade, you may be subject to custom duties and fees applied in your country. I am not responsible for any custom fees applied.

Oracle Divination Deck

12 card oracle deck featuring Greek deities and astrological symbols

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Labradorite Runes Set

A batch of runes engraved on labradorite stones with a canvas pouch for storage.

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Greek Deity Candle Holder

Dark blue and gold candle holder with various figures painted on the back. Made with 14k gold and handcrafted in Greece. It's clearly been used, with minor scuffs and char from where previous candles have been burned. Best used with larger pillar candles.

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Witchy Trade Request Form: