About the Creator



Hello! My name is Nicole (nicknamed Nikka or Nics) and I've been actively practicing witchcraft for 5 years. My practice mainly centers around herbalism and dream magick the most, such as lucid dreaming and astral projection. I identify myself as a hedgewitch because of this, and receive the most intuitive guidance and divination through dreaming. I am still growing and constantly learning in my path though, and I welcome new ways to develop my skills as a folk practitioner. 

I started Crescent & Craft as a way to connect with the pagan and spiritual community. I enjoy sharing my love for craft-making as well as teaching others on the many versatile ways you can use items from the earth for home decor, cleansing tools, and art.

My content specifically centers around my small altar within the tiny confides of my apartment home in Los Angeles. Living in a big, chaotic city, I believe it's important to have your own sanctuary that is uniquely and comfortably yours, no matter what. I hope my handmade goods can add a bit of familiarity and enchantment to your own space, wherever you are in this world 🤍