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Candle tapers dedicated to Eostre, Germanic goddess of spring and bringer of new life. Eostre is known to be the goddess of the dawn, bringing light to triumph over the darkness from the winter days. Originally, the spring equinox was sacred to the pagan goddess before it became associated and celebrated as the resurrection day for the Christian god.

Sacred to Eostre are hares and eggs. There is a legend that a white rabbit fell in love with her. To prove his love he laid colored eggs for her everyday. Another version of the legend states that Eostre turned a dying bird into a rabbit to save it, but because it was a bird in it's true form, it would still lay eggs. The white rabbit symbolizes the transformation of innocence, and an continuous fertility. The eggs symbolize new life. 

The colors of these candles were crafted to represent her power in life and vitality. Watch her tapers burn from colors of peach and topaz, blush rose, lilac, and mossy laurel. 

Invoke Eostre to celebrate the spring equinox. She is a fertility goddess, so she may be petitioned for luck in conceiving. She may also be invoked for success in great changes such as moving, starting a new job, attending school, or traveling of any kind. 

𝐈𝐌𝐏𝐎𝐑𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐓: These candles melt beautifully and are safe to burn indoors, however, PLEASE be wary of the flame. The more herbs, the bigger and taller the flame with be. Always supervise your candles while burning. These candles have very burnable botanicals. Some herbs may crackle when caught on fire, such as cedar and juniper.
Always burn in a reliable candle holder or in a fireproof dish.