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Pillar Candles

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6 - 8 inch pillar candle crafted from a blend of soy and beeswax. Dyed with eco-friendly colors and rolled in locally sourced herbs. 

Each Pillar has its own intention during the lunar phase along with a wax charm to represent those phases. 

Full Moon: to honor the full moon and to aid in your spellwork and rituals. Rolled in psychic herbs of mugwort, blue lotus, blue cornflower, and sage. 

New Moon: to purify your space, to help embrace new beginnings, or to honor the new moon. Rolled in herbs of renewal such as cedar, pine, rosemary, and mint. 

Dark Moon: for divination, hex-breaking, banishment, or to honor the dark moon. Rolled in herbs of protection such as: red sandalwood, cedar, yarrow, skullcap.